Zuno Music
Meet your music needs in Dallas, Plano, and Allen, TX: piano lessons, theory instruction for all musicians, accompanist, recordings, and more
Leonardo Zuno, M.M. (SMU) in piano performance/pedagogy and music theory,
experienced DFW area musician and teacher.

Materias que enseño:
  • Piano clásico
  • Música de jazz y estilos populares
  • Improvisación
  • Teoría Musical
  • Técnicas de teclado y Solfeo
A quién le doy clases:

Le doy clases a alumnos de todas las edades y niveles en el área de Plano, Allen, y Dallas.  Doy clases a alumnos de cualquier edad, desde niños a edad avanzada.
Events for students

Estos son algunos de los eventos en los que mis alumnos pueden participar, dependiendo en su preparación y nivel musical.

Dallas Music Teachers Association
  • Jazz/Pop Contest and Festival
  • Sonatina Festival
  • Achievement Auditions
  • DMTA recitals
  • State Music Theory Test
The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program
  • Piano and Music Theory Examinations
Policies and rates

I have a few simple policies that need to be enforced for the benefit of both teacher and student. 

  • I generally do not reschedule lessons unless I am cancel a lesson for some reason. Usually, these lessons can be rescheduled at a mutually-convenient time.
  • I do not refund cancelled lessons, as this represents my own scheduled time. If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend a lesson, I would encourage you to reschedule as soon as possible, allowing plenty of time for a possible rescheduled time.
  • In addition to tuition, students or their parents are responsible for payment of all fees associated with events and materials provided.
These are my current plans and rates. It should be noted that these plans only apply for lessons given after-school (after 2pm) on weekdays. Prospective students who wish to take lessons at another time may sign-up on a per-lesson basis.

Lessons in Your Home (in the DFW metroplex)
36-Lesson Plan (Payment is not required for the last month)
30-minute lessons at $122 per month for 11 months. 45-minute lessons at $183 per month for 11 months.
60-minute lessons at $244 per month for 11 months.

Per-lesson basis
$60 per lesson, with a 1-week notice required for cancellation.

To contact me, please fill out the following brief form here or by sending me an e-mail.
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