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Leonardo Zuno, M.M. (SMU) in piano performance/pedagogy and music theory,
experienced DFW area musician and teacher.
During my second year at SMU, finishing my first Master's degree (in piano performance and pedagogy), I was a Teaching Fellow at SMU, when I found a deep connection between teaching piano and teaching music theory. This inspired me to pursue a second master's degree (in music theory, also from SMU).  Because of this wonderful experience, I now love to integrate both disciplines seamlessly.

With over 15 years of experience teaching students of every age, I have learned to scaffold my theory teaching to the ability, age, and circumstances of every student.  Having taught 9 years at the university level (and soon going back to UNT to be a Teaching Fellow and a doctoral student), I love teaching higher education concepts to all of my students. I am always happy to see that even elementary-school students are capable of understanding ideas the music majors in college learn in their classes!  I make it a point to use theory vocabulary (and teach students the history of Western Music) whenever we learn to play music, because learning to play music also involves everything else surrounding the music.

In 2014, I obtained my Standard K-12 Teaching Certification with TEA, and I am now certified to teach at any TEA-certified school in the state of Texas.  This has broadened my scope for teaching music, as I teach piano, theory, music appreciation, music history, solfege, and a myriad of other disciplines within elementary music pedagogy.  For this reason, I believe I can provide a very ample perspective on teaching music to you or your child.  As an elementary school teacher in music, I also became a CTL (content teacher leader), a position given to one teacher in the network, to help all other teachers in adopting best practices in teaching, as well as in order to share great resources with other teachers.  I love collaboration with other teachers, and doing anything that benefits my students.

Finally, I have lots of experience in teaching, and also in writing curriculum.  For three years, I wrote the TMTA music theory tests that students in Texas take each year!  Since I wrote tests for levels 7-9, I had to also learn the levels above and below (to make sure my content was aligned).  So, I know various resources very well.  In addition to preparing students for TMTA music theory tests, some of my students take the Music Development Program tests (practical and academic), and I plan to adopt Ultimate Music Theory as part of my curriculum, too.  I would like for students to have an enhanced experience at their lesson by having them be members at Music Learning Community, an online resource for teaching music theory through games.

Since 2015, I have be a Teaching Fellow at UNT. I returned to my higher education roots, and I am thrilled to be able to share those materials and resources with my piano and music theory students!
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